Wasting resources

By Scott Greenwood

I spoke to a University employee earlier today who was busy sand-blasting this graffiti in the hopes that they will actually go away. He told me that over 2,000 gallons of water were used just to sandblast this (expletive) off one side of the Quad yesterday. The thing is, I saw the areas that he had finished, and you could still make out words; this stuff won’t go away. More to come I am sure.

So people have almost stopped using chalk and started using this more PERMANENT medium to get “messages” across. This is tantamount to vandalism. High School kids get busted all the time for doing this.Why should supposedly well-educated University students be allowed? Why would I vote for a student senate candidate who decides that my tuition money should go toward removing their advertisements from the Quad? For someone who is contributing to such a gratuitous waste of water?

Stop using anything other than chalk on our Quad. Stop people who you see using anything other than chalk on our Quad. Stop the University from allowing people to use anything other than chalk on our Quad.

Scott Greenwood

senior in LAS