Displaying strength prudent

By Darrin Seymour

This letter is in response to the article on the Navy launch in the Persian Gulf. The article discusses the United States’ tactics used in order to subdue the current nuclear situation in Iran.

However, it does not touch base on a major standpoint that the U.S. is using and has been using since this issue arose. This past summer I deployed to Balad Air Base in Iraq, and found that the main focus of the war in Iraq seemed to be the civil unrest of the country. Consequently, there may be a wider focus for our presence.

By remaining in Iraq we pose a strong threat to Iran due to the current number of troops deployed to and around Iraq. If the U.S. withdraws soldiers from the Mideast then a mass redeployment would be the only way to oppose Iran.

We have found our selves in a rigorous game of chess where every move we make can either help us or hurt us in this possible nuclear war with Iran. The Navy launch displays our air power and our troops stationed Iraq displays our ground superiority. By having showing Iran our war capabilities we may be able to suppress any possibilities of attacks.

Darrin Seymour

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    junior in Aviation