The next generation

By Randy F. Gollay

It’s pretty ironic that the Suntimes article “Brain Drain” about Illinois losing too many sharp grads appears on the same day my wife and I brought our daughter down to Champaign to visit the campus! We have spent three days here at the U of I.

Our daughter Mandy has visited the Illini Union, attended a molecular biology lecture class with about 300 students in attendance at Foellinger Auditorium, a chemistry lab class at Noyles lab, toured the Anatomy wing at Burrill Hall, visited the music library at the Music Building (she plays violin), the main library and the newer ACES library.

She toured the Krannert Art museum as well as the Spurlock Museum’s history exhibits and was granted a private tour of the Krannert Center of Performing Arts. She was inside a dormitory room and even toured the Sigma Delta Tau Sorority House. She was inside the locker rooms at the Assembly Hall, visited the Campus Recreation Center East and other subject classrooms and various frequent campus haunts.

She now knows the U of I. I’m pleased that she is excited to attend here in the future. Her educational upbringing, residing in the Stevenson School District lends well to possible future acceptance considering Stevenson sends more of its students to Champaign than any other high school in America. The demand to get into our states flagship university has become more difficult than getting into Princeton!

We need a diverse group of students, the opportunity and consideration to be able to get admitted into the U of I. As a fellow alumnus, I pray my daughter can advance her education to such a fine University as this!

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    My daughter has won numerous civic and educational awards, has a wide range of talents and has appeared on television, radio and newspapers. By the way, I may have not told you, she’s only nine years old!

    I’m serious because she’s serious. She desires to go to Champaign-Urbana and it’s never too early to plan ahead and set your goals. Count on her being there and graduating with the Class of 2022. It’ll be sooner than you think!

    Randy F. Gollay

    Buffalo Grove, Ill.