Comparison flawed

By Naftali Garber

The smoking ban, a controversial topic that has angered many people, especially college students, is inappropriately used as the premise for Vial’s negative review of new gun control legislation (“Give me back my bullets” Apr. 2, 2007). He utilizes the smoking ban as a scapegoat; suggesting that since the smoking ban is bad, so to is the gun control legislation. These tactics are cowardly and do not build a credible argument as to why, in his opinion, the gun control legislation attacks fundamental rights. Additionally, he suggests supporters of gun control “paint bloody pictures of murder” and “cite instances of misuse by children.” While these ideas may be true, he uses no supporting evidence. In such, he is just calling upon the reader to become emotionally angered with gun control followers and their purported brutal mentality.

Naftali Garber

sophomore in ACES