Third Party progress good for Illinois

By Dianna Visek

The Champaign County Libertarian Party would like to congratulate State Senator Michael Frerichs on sponsoring Senate Bill 733, passed unanimously on March 30.

By making filing requirements for independent and third party candidates the same as those for Democrats and Republicans, SB 733 opens the political process to more participants.

Under current law, independent and third party candidates for statewide office need 25,000 petition signatures, while Democrats and Republicans only need 5,000.

A federal appeals court ruled last September that this aspect of Illinois’ election law was unconstitutional, but Sen. Frerichs was the first legislator to rectify this injustice.

SB 733 is now under consideration in the Illinois House, sponsored by Rep. Bill Black.

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We encourage our other local representatives, Rep. Naomi Jakobsson, Rep. Chapin Rose and Rep. Shane Cultra, to show their support for a fair election process by co-sponsoring this bill.

More candidates for public office mean more choice for voters and a more vibrant and healthy democracy.

Readers who want a more open democratic process are invited to contact their state representatives and offer support for this landmark legislation.

If you’re wondering who your representative is, go to and click on “Legislator Lookup.”

Dianna Visek

Chair, Champaign County

Libertarian Party