Support needed, not blame

By Nicki Anselmo

In a time of mourning, many critics surface, quick to point out the faults of others.

This criticism is understandable: We want answers, we want names, we want people to point our fingers at.

One of the more pressing criticisms falls on the shoulders of the school administration.

While I’m sure there are some procedures in place for these types of emergencies, very few people could give a definitive answer on the type of action to take and very few actions could truly stop such a disturbed and distraught gunman.

For example, if classes had been canceled sooner, Cho would have still found innocent targets in a cafeteria or student union or gym.

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    The Virginia Tech officials were doing the best they could with the limited information that they had.

    Hopefully, school and government officials can work nationwide to form a more structured response system and learn from this tragic event.

    Instead of passing around blame, we need to come together to support the Blacksburg community and especially its leadership.

    These officials will undeniably wake up every day for the rest of their lives questioning their actions or lack thereof; we certainly don’t need to do it for them.

    Nicki Anselmo

    sophomore in Engineering