Coverage and opinion need to agree

By Jon Haughton

I read the staff editorial entitled “Media should remember victims, not killer.” If I were to rely solely on the DI for news about the world, I would completely agree with that statement.

However, as soon as I read those words, I instantly remembered your own coverage of the events and recognized the editorial as a sign of hypocrisy. You decry NBC’s decision to air the video and material sent to them by the killer as inappropriate, forgetting that you used an image from that segment on your front page last Thursday.

In fact, after the killing there were articles in the DI about his writings, his identification, his message to NBC, and his elevation to role model for other killers. In that time, you have had one article dealing exclusively about the victims, that of the fallen C-U resident.

Why can’t the DI follow its own advice? The decision was fully up to the editors to publish the pieces about the killer, or to focus on other pieces dealing with the deceased. You chose the route of the media that you are attempting to condemn. I was hoping the editorial would lead to more recognition of the victims, but the only written article I could find about this event on the day of the editorial was on the very next page, talking about the gunman’s poor marksmanship. In your newspaper, the gunman gets even more attention on the very same day you call for a stop!

I hope in the future your editorial board will act more in harmony with respect to what your paper writes and publishes.

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While completely agreeing with the opinion in question, I hope in the future you can show the integrity that will make your words resonate with your readers.

Jon Haughton

junior in Engineering