Ignoring oppression

For the president of IlliniPAC, an anti-Palestinian organization, to try to accuse someone of cheap propaganda, is absolute hypocrisy. Israel is an apartheid government where illegal Israeli settlements are the highlights of discrimination. Mr. Slivnick’s propaganda of “without terrorism, there would be no fence” is ridiculous at best because it fails to solve why there is “terrorism” in the first place as well as how Israel was created by Zionist terrorists.

Theft of over 75 percent of Palestine, checkpoints in between the remaining Palestinian towns and cities, 1 million displaced people that now make up one of every 3 refugees in the world, daily oppression, occupation and dehumanization, and Palestinians are called the terrorists? Any agreement for peace carves out more Palestinian land, but importantly major water sources for the Palestinians. In the West Bank there are Jewish only roads, while Palestinian Christians and Muslims must travel dirt roads that are usually impassable … do you begin to see the apartheid and prejudice or shall I go on?

The fact of the matter is that the wall is just another addition in the long line of atrocities that have already been committed. It will just be another nail in the coffin against freedom and justice for the Palestinians. It is shameful how Zionists claim to be Jewish, yet just manipulate Judaism for anti-Jewish means. Judaism is about compassion, love and following the covenant, not theft and destruction of indigenous people. As a Palestinian Christian I will always fight for justice because only then will you have true peace. Mr. Slivnick build your wall, deny the apartheid and ignore the oppression, but someday justice and freedom will prevail. Your lies will not last forever.

Jon Paul Youakim

junior in MCB

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Member, Students for Justice in Palestine