No. 18-No. 27

No. 18 “Lay on the quad on a beautiful day,” said Jenny Mulhern, senior in Human nutrition.

No. 19 “Go mud sliding in frat park,” said Katie Walsh, senior in Marketing.

No. 20 “Study abroad,” said Kimberly Kruzynski, senior in Finance.

No. 21 “Live with three girls,” said AJ Benjavi, senior in Electrical Engineering.

No. 22 “Eat at Courier Cafe, I recommend the buffalo chicken wrap,” said Peter Turim, senior in Consumer economics and finance.

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    No. 23 “Go to the sweet corn festival in Urbana,” said David Rosenblatt, senior in General engineering.

    No. 24 “Go mudsliding on the quad on a rainy day,” said Mike Churney, senior in Economics.

    No. 25 “Singing and dancing on the quad,” said Carl Zavaleta, senior in General engineering.

    No. 26 “Run across the Quad late at night with other people,” said Carolyn Abington, senior in Communications.

    No. 27 “Have a barn party,” said Sarah Floyd, senior in FAA.