No. 2-No. 16

No. 2 “Sing along with that blond-haired kid who shoots around campus on his Rollerblades screaming obscure R&B; songs,” said Ian H. Besler, senior in Journalism.

No. 3 “Enjoy the nice weather on the quad because you won’t always have these opportunities,” said Ajay Khatri, senior in Economics.

No. 4 “Go sake bombing,” said Maya Vyas, senior in Actuarial science.

No. 5 “Go to a concert at Assembly Hall,” said Elane Kim, senior in General Engineering.

No. 6 “Volunteer in Champaign,” said Bernadette Limos, senior in International relations, Italian.

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    No. 7 “Find a job,” said Nan Goo Yuan, senior in Landscape architecture.

    No. 8 “Play in the DKH fountains,” said Alice Jong, senior in Finance.

    No. 9 “Urinate on the eternal flame,” said Megan Earnest, senior in Recreation, sport and tourism management.

    No. 10 “Steal a U of I sign.”

    No. 11 “Climb the building on Sixth and Healey.”

    No. 12 “Get kicked out of the Greek system,” said Aurelia Juska, senior in Political science.

    No. 13 “Get a big group together and play snow football,” said Stacey Brooks, senior in Art history.

    No. 14 “Go to the Silver Bullet and live it up,” said Kristina Hill, senior in Cinema studies.

    No. 15 “Get coffee at Espresso Royale instead of Starbucks! The stuff is great and when you leave campus there are none elsewhere,” said Carisa Wendland, senior in Elementary education, art.

    No. 16 “Go on a road trip with a bunch of your friends to another college,” said Puja Shah, senior in Marketing.