Standard list with an Illinois twist

By Courtney Linehan

Lists like this have existed almost as long as college itself. For decades, centuries even, those partaking in higher education have tried to quantify the highlights of their financially costly college days. It is almost certain that some of those first engineers and ag majors back in 1867 sat down to pen a plan for accomplishing all the finer parts of the University of Illinois experience.

So creating a list of items every Illinois student should experience is really not a rarity. One of these lists can be found in the I-Book many people on campus carry. When the Daily Illini decided to craft such a cannon, we wanted to do it differently. We scoured campus for seniors with input into the best of the best Illinois events. With mere days left in Champaign-Urbana, seniors are often reflective on the high and low points of the last several semesters. We took advantage of that pensiveness, asking one question hundreds of times: What is one thing you have done while in college that everyone should do before they graduate?

Some of the answers are predictable: take your picture with the Alma Mater, go to a basketball game, see a flick at Ebertfest. We prodded our sources, though, asking for deeper insight into the greatest highlights of their days at Illinois.

In the end, we have a list of the top moments these seniors have experienced in approximately four years at Illinois – moments they think you would do well to replicate.

As a disclaimer, the Daily Illini does not endorse each and every one of these suggestions. Some, to be sure, are illegal or potentially dangerous. They are what Illinois seniors recommend, so please don’t shoot the messenger.

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    In the interest of honesty, we should admit that we asked some fellow Illini Media staff seniors for their thoughts on the best Illini activities.

    It’s not that we’re biased, just that we like seeing our names in print as much as you do.

    Without further ado, here it is, the Daily Illini’s list of things every University of Illinois student must do before they graduate. Don’t like our picks? Log on to and give us yours.

    No. 1- “Sit in the stands at Memorial Stadium watching football practice on an afternoon in September,” Courtney Linehan, graduate student in Journalism.

    No. 2 “Sing along with that blond-haired kid who shoots around campus on his Rollerblades screaming obscure R&B; songs,” said Ian H. Besler, senior in Journalism.

    No. 3 “Enjoy the nice weather on the quad because you won’t always have these opportunities,” said Ajay Khatri, senior in Economics.

    No. 4 “Go sake bombing,” said Maya Vyas, senior in Actuarial science.

    No. 5 “Go to a concert at Assembly Hall,” said Elane Kim, senior in General Engineering.

    No. 6 “Volunteer in Champaign,” said Bernadette Limos, senior in International relations, Italian.

    No. 7 “Find a job,” said Nan Goo Yuan, senior in Landscape architecture.

    No. 8 “Play in the DKH fountains,” said Alice Jong, senior in Finance.

    No. 9 “Urinate on the eternal flame,” said Megan Earnest, senior in Recreation, sport and tourism management.

    No. 10 “Steal a U of I sign.”

    No. 11 “Climb the building on Sixth and Healey.”

    No. 12 “Get kicked out of the Greek system,” said Aurelia Juska, senior in Political science.

    No. 13 “Get a big group together and play snow football,” said Stacey Brooks, senior in Art history.

    No. 14 “Go to the Silver Bullet and live it up,” said Kristina Hill, senior in Cinema studies.

    No. 15 “Get coffee at Espresso Royale instead of Starbucks! The stuff is great and when you leave campus there are none elsewhere,” said Carisa Wendland, senior in Elementary education, art.

    No. 16 “Go on a road trip with a bunch of your friends to another college,” said Puja Shah, senior in Marketing.

    No. 17 “Try to do research or take an independent study with a professor. Get to know a professor on a personal level,” said Chris Kantas, senior in Political science.

    No. 18 “Lay on the quad on a beautiful day,” said Jenny Mulhern, senior in Human nutrition.

    No. 19 “Go mud sliding in frat park,” said Katie Walsh, senior in Marketing.

    No. 20 “Study abroad,” said Kimberly Kruzynski, senior in Finance.

    No. 21 “Live with three girls,” said AJ Benjavi, senior in Electrical Engineering.

    No. 22 “Eat at Courier Cafe, I recommend the buffalo chicken wrap,” said Peter Turim, senior in Consumer economics and finance.

    No. 23 “Go to the sweet corn festival in Urbana,” said David Rosenblatt, senior in General engineering.

    No. 24 “Go mudsliding on the quad on a rainy day,” said Mike Churney, senior in Economics.

    No. 25 “Singing and dancing on the quad,” said Carl Zavaleta, senior in General engineering.

    No. 26 “Run across the Quad late at night with other people,” said Carolyn Abington, senior in Communications.

    No. 27 “Have a barn party,” said Sarah Floyd, senior in FAA.

    No. 28 “Go sledding down the steps of Foellinger Auditorium,” said Jackie Bain, senior in Molecular and cellular biology.

    No. 29 “Go to KAMS at 8 a.m. for a football game and stay through the whole game,” said Sean Brady, senior in Political science.

    No. 30 “Go to CO’s once. Not because its fun, its a cesspool, but go once time and just walk around. It’s frightening, but then you’ll realize how lucky you are that you never have to go back again,” said Lucas Deal, senior in Journalism.

    No. 31 “Stay up until 4:30 a.m. and go to Mary Ann’s for a stack,” said Meredit Warden, senior in Journalism.

    No. 32 “Free wine-tasting at Krannert. Every Thursday, they have a free wine tasting,” said Tim O’Shea, senior in LAS.

    No. 33 “Stay here for the summer,” said Carrie Walbert, senior in Food science and human nutrition.

    No. 34 “Figure out how much class you don’t have to go to and then don’t go,” said Stephanice Zawada, senior in Landscape architecture.

    No. 35 “Performed on stage at the Courtyarrd Cafe,” said Becky Bloom, senior in English.

    No. 36 “Trip and go to Allerton,” said Colin Bartlett, senior in English.

    No. 37 “Streak the Quad. At least three times,” said Beck Diefenbach, senior in Aviation.

    No. 38 “Work your ass off for something you’ll be damn proud of,” said Beck Diefenbach, senior in Aviation.

    No. 39 “Skip class to watch Illinois basketball in March Maddness,” said Mike Rodriguez, senior in Speech communications.

    “Don’t sleep for 72 hours but do everything else. Study for a test, write a paper, go out with your friends, go to class, work out. Do everything except sleep,” said Arthur Boyd III, senior in MCB, Educational policy studies.

    No. 41 “Buy a keg,” said Amy Kunkel, senior in Sociology, Spanish.

    No. 42 “After drinking, run at the Speed Detection Device on Wright Street to see how fast you and your friends can run,” said Justin Meyer, senior in Ag Business.

    No. 43 “Go to dollar burger night at Bar Louie,” said Joe Paterala, senior in Aviation.

    No. 44 “Definitely take advantage of the fact that there’s people around here you share common interests with by joining a club,” said Lauren Popp, senior in Kinesiology, Community Health.

    No. 45 “Enjoy some delicious fondue at the Bread Company in Urbana,” said Nora Shader, senior in Architecture.

    No. 46 “I think everyone should play with water-balloons and water-guns on the main quad during then night,” said Jeanette Lee, senior in Political science.

    No. 47 “Have a nighttime game of capture the flag on the quad,” said Kane Keller, senior in Integrative biology.

    No. 48 “Eat lunch in the conservatory of the greenhouses.”

    No. 49 “I rushed Green Street and crowded around the Alma Mater with hundreds of fellow Illini due to a NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship birth. Everyone should do that,” said John Polivka, senior in Integrative biology.

    No. 50 “Go to the steam tunnels,” said Aaron Gatewood, senior in Economics.

    No. 51 “Have an elevator dance party in FAR. Bring a disco ball and a boom box and rock out with anyone brave enough to come in for a ride,” said Eric Chima, senior in Computer science.

    No. 52 “Take as many art classes as possible even if you are not an art major,” said Daniel Longman, senior in Industrial design.

    No. 53 “Pass out your business card to random strangers,” said Vasanth Sridharan, senior in Journalism.

    No. 54 “Taking advantage of the musical opportunities at Krannert,” said Lauren Frankovich, senior in Music.

    No. 55 “Check out the insect library … it’s the largest in the midwest,” said Julia Wolf, senior in FAA.

    No. 56 “Go to the Final Four,” said Chris Owen, senior in Finance.

    No. 57 “Walk behind the counter at La Bamba, help yourself to soda, then call your boss to take you home when the employees kick you out,” said Danielle Gaines, senior in Political science.

    No. 58 “Everyone should go down the Willy Wonka hallway in Lincoln Hall to experience the crazy building structure. (It’s the hallway in the basement that you have to go through to get to the speech ta offices.) Also everyone should follow the yellow-brick road or lines as it is actually to go to Room 66 of the library. It was probably the wierdest/creepiest way to get to class. It’s like something that would be in a maze/carnivel house, which is prob the reason I never went,” said Lee Thoms, senior in Finance.

    No. 59 “Take a spur-of-the-moment road trip to a destination at least 10 hours away,” said Frank Vanderwall, senior in Advertising.

    No. 60 “Playing Halo 2 for four hours straight with 15 other people. Screaming obscenitiese an showing up people was never as much fun before,” said Se Young Lee, senior in Journalism.

    No. 61 “You should ditch class all week long. That’s the best way to get ready for graduation. After all, finals don’t matter!” said Christina Leung, senior in Journalism.

    No. 62 “Everyone needs to play a prank on their dorm mates or suite mates. It’s even better when you don’t know them that well,” said Nick Escobar, senior in Journalism.

    No. 63 “Everyone should drive down the parking garage near CRCE, starting from the top, all the way dow in neutral,” said Jeanna Jones, senior in Advertising.

    No. 64 “Play football at Memorial Stadium. At night,” said Brian Klein, senior in Journalism.

    No. 65 “Make out in the Krannert Amphitheater,” said Michelle Kristselis, senior in Theater studies.

    No. 66 “Picnic at Alerton Park,” said Carrie Langford, senior in NRES.

    No. 67 “Meet someone famous backstage at a concert,” said Eileen Hays, senior in FAA.

    No. 68 “Make out at the Eternal Flame,” said Arvind Badrinarayahan, senior in LAS.

    No. 69 “Visit downtown bars,” said Eddie Campione, senior in Animal studies.

    No. 70 “Stay a fifth year,” said Jacob Segil, senior in Engineering.

    No. 71 “Be drunk in the undergrad,” said Kyle Hegger, senior in LAS.

    No. 72 “Have coffee on the outdoor auditorium at Krannert,” said Luke Pro, senior in LAS.

    No. 73 “Interrupt a class with an inappropriate comment,” said Patrick Baldwin, senior in ACES.

    No. 74 “Skip class to have sex on the Quad,” said Chloe Slench, senior in Communications.

    No. 75 “Friday night hockey with Harassing Illini,” said Rick Riley, senior in Engineering.

    No. 76 “Every student should try doing student theatre,” said Teresa Rende, senior in LAS.

    No. 77 “Go on a barcrawl,” said Injae Lee, senior in Business.

    No. 78 “Go to the park by the Japan House. It’s a good escape,” said Lucas McShane, senior in AHS.

    No. 79 “Go face painted to a game,” said Sam McCollum, senior in LAS.

    No. 80 “Find an RSO to get involved in on quad day. It’ll definitely make your four years a lot more fun,” said Sean Cheng, senior in Engineering.