False job claim

How dare the DI make the claim that “there are jobs that Americans won’t do.” Americans have always taken pride in their willingness to work hard and keep this country running with their own hands. Never do they claim that some jobs are beneath them.

Look around town. Americans work as janitors in the campus buildings, sweeping the floors and taking out your trash. In our local restaurants you will find Americans preparing and serving the food you eat. Just beyond the city are American farmers and factory workers toiling day after day to grow crops and make goods for the world. These are hardworking people, and to claim that there are jobs they refuse to do is an insult to them.

Perhaps you should also speak to the American homeless living around this town and others, people who can’t find work or can’t earn enough to make a living. Ask them what jobs they won’t do. I think you’ll be surprised.

Christopher Evans

Graduate student, College of Engineering

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