University should drop Coca-Cola

The Exclusive Pouring Rights Contract for Coca-Cola products is due to expire June 30. I urge Chancellor Herman not to renew the contract. We need to have freedom of choice for the beverages purchased on the University campus.

The Coca-Cola Company has had a number of abuses, including labor relations problems in Colombia, resulting in several losses of lives, and water supply and pollution problems in India, related to bottling plants.

Coca-Cola is so aggressively marketing its products, through coupons that require large purchases, such as “Buy four 12-packs, get one free” over Memorial Day weekend, World of Coke in Atlanta, Georgia, a new tourist attraction, and its My Coke Rewards premium program which encourages purchases in large quantities.

I urge termination of this contract and allowing students to purchase other more socially responsible soft drinks. We cannot afford to perpetuate such corporate abuses any longer.

George R. Carlisle

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