Cartoon misinterprets situation

By Helen White

I would like to comment on a cartoon in your Wednesday, June 20 paper. The cartoon had a picture of an ambulance with the word “Carle” written on it speeding by a patient with an IV pole. The bumper sticker on the ambulance says, “I don’t brake 4 Medicaid”. I’d like to clarify something. The ambulance and the IV pole both imply that Carle Hospital is the defendant in the latest lawsuit from the Attorney General’s office.

However, the hospital has nothing to do with this lawsuit. The AG’s office is suing Carle Clinic and Christie Clinic for conspiring to not accept Medicaid patients. Carle Hospital and Carle Clinic are technically two separate entities. The hospital is a nonprofit organization, whereas the clinic is for-profit. Medicaid recipients are not turned away by Carle Hospital, but by Carle Clinic. This is an important distinction, and the cartoon clearly misinterprets the situation.

Helen White

Champaign, Ill.