Column: Experience plus pay, go get a job already!

By Joseph Lamberson

Quad Day is a great time to go out and experience all that the University has to offer, but most of the time, it doesn’t pay the bills. That is exactly why you should get a job instead.

A campus job offers all of the real time experience that accompanies post-college work, as well as a flexible schedule. Whether it is learning to keep regular hours, picking up useful skills or actually working in the field you are pursuing, there is plenty that you can take away from a job that a Registered Student Organization won’t provide.

There are few places around campus that offer an excellent blend of both work and play, as well as everything I’ve already mentioned and a great deal more. These places are typically focused on the good of the employees, rather than the bottom line. They strive to offer their people the most professionally real conditions possible, while still fostering an academic and interesting atmosphere.

The Illini Media Company, which owns The Daily Illini, is one of these places.

Owning The Daily Illini, WPGU 107.1FM, Buzz Magazine, The Illio yearbook and The Technograph, a quarterly engineering publication, Illini Media uses its nonprofit status to brace its creative and talented students for the world to come. With a long history of successful alumni to draw from, including several Pulitzer Prize winners, The Daily Illini and Illini Media Company strive to inject professionalism and realism into our daily routines and exemplify them in the content we produce.

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    As an independent, student-run multimedia news organization, The Daily Illini is a shining example of the student press and an excellent launch pad for a career in journalism, sales, marketing and a number of other professional fields. Our staff is serious, dedicated and comprised of students from a variety of majors, not just journalism. With the help of our on-air and online divisions, The Daily Illini offers an education that can not only be discussed in the classroom, but provides an experience that applies in the world, not just a textbook hypothetically.

    The Daily Illini offers a wide variety of positions with an excellent assortment of experiences, and we are open to a world of people who are interested in a world of possibility. Stop by our booth at Quad Day for a chat or come out to one of our information nights to work along side us. If you don’t want to work, feel free to pick up an issue, log on to, or tune in to our newscasts at 5 p.m. daily. Who knows, you could be the next Roger Ebert..