You tell us: What are you doing on Quad Day?

By Julian Scharman

Editor’s note: We talked to returning University undergraduate and graduate students to get their advice on what might be a better use of your last day before classes begin. Check out their advice before you decide whether to head to the Quad, explore the rest of Campustown or sleep in.

Van Ceu, sophomore in LAS, plans on spending today on the Quad, and is looking for organizations or activities that will complement his studies.

Advice: Ceu recommends stopping by any table on the Quad and picking up the free gifts that are given out by the respective booths. “I really didn’t do much on Quad Day my freshman year and I really regret that,” Ceu said. “So stop by the tables and you never know, you might like it.”

For graduate students like Cynthia Cudzewicz, the number-crunching and academics are already under way for the year. However, Cudzewicz will spend her Tuesday afternoon working and managing the crowds at T.I.S. Bookstore, 707 S. Sixth St.

Advice: If you will not be on the Quad, Cudzewicz recommends beating the rush and getting to the bookstores ahead of time. “It’s just a fun day to be out and about, but if you don’t like the crowds, definitely just avoid going out all together,” Cudzewicz said.

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    Dhuha Maki, sophomore in LAS, said she will more than likely spend her day in bed and get some much-needed sleep. Aside from prepping for her first day of biology rigors, she plans to watch a few movies or enjoy a night out with her friends.

    Advice: “If you aren’t going to Quad Day, that’s just stupid … you have to go,” Maki said. “It’s interesting to see what is out there for freshmen, and by going to Quad Day you can really figure out what you’re interested in,” Maki said.

    Jeanita Moore, sophomore in LAS, is eager to see what other activities and club organizations are available. She has been curious for a while and is excited for the opportunities that Quad Day brings.

    Advice: “If you’re a freshman and not spending the day on the Quad, try and locate where your classes are so you won’t get lost,” Moore said. “You’ll find that it will be really helpful.”

    Graduate student Chrizzy Calixto still has plenty of unpacking and settling in to do, so she plans to finish moving in and finish buying her books. Hanging out at home and finishing up other “odds and ends” are among her goals for the day.

    Advice:< /> “I say you should get to know campus, go out to lunch, go out to dinner, and just walk around and make sure you don’t get lost when you’re out drunk. (That) happened to my brother actually, who is a freshman,” Calixto said.

    An Nguyen, senior in LAS, is the vice president for the RSO Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit, nondenominational Christian housing ministry. Nguyen said she will definitely be on the Quad today. To Nguyen, Quad Day is all about tradition here at the University.

    Advice: “It’s Illinois’ biggest tradition every year, so it’s really all about being part of the community and learning about different things that occur here and helping others,” Nguyen said.

    Alyssa Kulpa, junior in Communications, has spent her last week trying to find her niche here on campus. Kulpa said she will certainly be attending Quad Day as both an opportunity to get involved and to see some new faces.

    Advice: “I’m somewhat new but I recommend just getting out there and meeting people. Just be active and sign up for as many clubs as possible. The more you’re involved, the more people you meet, it’s that easy,” Kulpa said.

    Kacz Marczyk, senior in FAA, is an exchange student and has been living in the global crossroads learning community. He is looking forward to activities the community has coordinated for him and other residents. Since he is not from this country, the University has been helping him acclimate to the area.

    Advice: “I would recommend to others to check out Green Street check out the restaurants and do some shopping,” Marczyk said.