No Big Ten Network on Comcast

By Ryan Hays

The final countdown has begun and we still haven’t heard any good news about the Big Ten Network and Comcast negotiations. Since the first announcement of the BTN last year, I have been really looking forward to this football season.

With more Big Ten games being shown than ever before, I knew it would be a season to remember. Now that we’re only weeks away, my excitement for the network has only grown. Unfortunately, it seems like I won’t be able to see this exciting new network, at least not on Comcast.

As a Comcast subscriber, I have continually been subject to rising costs and extra fees without an increase in quality. Now, when Comcast has the opportunity to reconcile some of these costs by adding the Big Ten Network, the negotiations keep stalling with no prospect for a deal anytime soon. This is completely unacceptable. It looks like I have been pushed around for the last time. DirecTV, here I come.

Ryan Hays

Sophomore in LAS

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