New MTD route a waste

By Chris Bergsvik

Recently, the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD) instituted a new bus route, called the 28 “tranSport”, in order to better facilitate mass transit use to and from football and basketball games. However, the MTD doesn’t realize that it already has a bus route in place that drops riders off about a half block from the stadium, it’s called the 22 Illini! Although MTD charges riders to help offset costs, this will surely turn out to be yet another useless waste of state funding and student money. (That’s right, we all pay 38 bucks a semester for this stuff.) Instead of giving students and residents of the area what we need, a comprehensive transit system that actually gets people where they need to go in an efficient manner, it rolls out ‘improvements’ like this. We need express bus routes from campus to the mall or North Prospect Avenue, we need buses that aren’t always 10 minutes late … what we don’t need are more lumbering, empty buses littering Campustown. Better luck next season, MTD!