Iraq is the United States’ mess

By Kamil Stelmach

It’s no surprise that only 60 protesters participated in the local ‘die-in,’ but another viewpoint was not represented in the Sept. 21 front page article “Anti-war groups stage local ‘die-in.'” Campus Antiwar Network’s site on Facebook ( claims that “Iraq needs to be built and lead by Iraqis not by a puppet al-Maliki government that the United States put in control.”

If the United States set up a puppet government in Iraq, then they have failed that mission.

The constitution was written by Iraqis and their leaders were voted into office by Iraqis with a turnout rate of about 70 percent.

Al-Maliki rejected many U.S. demands and is currently standing up to the Blackwater USA security company.

The fact that the Iraqi government is sovereign has made the war harder to fight in some respects.

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    Moreover, CAN has called for the immediate withdrawal of troops.

    Aside from the fact that an immediate withdrawal is impossible in logistical terms, our military is the only force strong enough to protect Iraqis from terrorists and militia.

    Even with our help, countless die each month, but one can only imagine how the Iraqi army and security forces could handle the threat to their country without the technology and expertise of our military.

    I believe that going into Iraq was wrong, but I also believe that leaving Iraq in ruin is equally irresponsible.

    We created the mess and it is our job to fix it.