FYCare not male bashing

By Kaytlin Reedy

Though I am merely a sophomore, I have a response to Mr. Schreckenberger. During my two years here, I have been disclosed to numerous times of women who have been sexually assaulted by men.

Also, if Mr. Schreckenberger had taken FYCare, or remembered his education course, he might remember, that as FYCare facilitators, we specifically say that not all men are rapists. And we are sure to point out that while (statistically) 99.9 percent of all rapes are perpetrated by men, rape by women is possible. We are also sure to point out that there is no profile of a rapist and therefore, it could be anyone, of any gender.

But the fact still remains that rape is mostly a crime of men against women, and there are statistics to back these facts up.

Also PAVE and FYCare aren’t in practice to “blame men,” they are to educate everyone about how to deal with survivors or how to cope with being sexually assaulted. And these programs are shown to be effective. Personally, I am proud (though not too proud) to say that while the national average of rapes that occur on college campuses is one in four women, the statistics here at UI are one in six. I think I can give some credit to our education programs.

As for those “actions, if legally defined” – those are actions that most men and women consider to be normal behaviors, but if scrutinized under the legal system, would be found to be a crime of assault. But I’m willing to bet that if it had read as such, Mr. Schreckenberger would have been mortified:

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“One in 12 men, if they had their actions scrutinized under the legal system, would be found guilty of committing a sexual assault.” Personally I think PAVE was being nice.

And one last thing, I don’t know if Mr. Schreckenberger has any idea about who is involved with PAVE but there are some pretty awesome men who are stepping up to plate and I don’t think he would be able to say they are sexist against themselves. So maybe Mr. Schreckenberger needs to go to the FYCare facilitation again, or perhaps he could take the community health class that is a full semester on this stuff (CHLH 199B, for those who find this interesting – or want to be a facilitator) and perhaps he will find that our rape education system here at U I is not only necessary, but also top notch, tended to by cool, devoted people who care.

Kaytlin Reedy

Sophomore in LAS

FYCare Facilitator