Japan’s history an obstacle for council seat

In response to Dan Streib’s column “Japan should have a seat at the table,” I hope he realize why China (and other nations that suffered greatly during World War II) would block Japan’s entry to the U.N. Security Council. While Germany actually learned from its past and redeemed itself from it, Japan never did. Year after year the Japanese prime minister visits Yasukuni Shrine, where some of the world’s most horrific war criminals are buried. Not to mention that Japan never actually issued a formal apology for its victims during World War II. Would the U.N. or the world react the same way if German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the graves of Nazi leaders? As a descendent of survivors in the Rape of Nanking, I am offended by Mr. Streib’s display of ignorance in history.

Calling that a reason to boycott the 2008 Olympics, now that’s quite a stretch.

Chang Meng

Sophomore in LAS