Safety top priority for administration

The story titled “Study may lead to MTD contract renewal” (Daily Illini, Oct. 4), offers a mostly accurate account of how important safety is to everyone involved in the negotiations for a new contract between the University and the MTD. So, it was unfortunate that the DI chose a subheadline that gives the impression that campus administration is not actively working to ensure that our mass transit system is absolutely as safe as possible.

Chancellor Richard Herman and President B. Joseph White both have met with MTD officials to send a clear message that safety is the number one priority of any mass transit system, even if that means fewer buses, fewer bus stops and less convenient routes for riders.

And while a pedestrian accident does not breach the contract, the safety record of the MTD certainly will factor into the decision process as the new contract is considered. It is important to note that campus administrators have been working steadily for months with MTD leaders and city officials to improve engineering, education and enforcement, so our campus is safe for pedestrians, riders and drivers alike.

Pam Voitik

Director of Campus Services

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    Robin Kaler

    Associate chancellor for Public Affairs