Pedestrians, look out!

By Noah Cohen

Every day as I bike to and from class I dodge pedestrians who seem to have no idea what the funny yellow line in the middle of their sidewalk means.

These blissfully ignorant creatures see no problem with walking alone or in groups down this path that surely exists for them. After all, there often isn’t another sidewalk within six or eight feet, a distance much too far for them to be bothered with crossing.

Let me give those poor, misguided souls a hint that will help keep them safe and let me get across campus in the 10 minutes between classes – IT’S A BIKE PATH. If you don’t have wheels, stay off. You wouldn’t walk straight down the middle of a road when there is a perfectly good sidewalk 10 feet away, would you?

Now that you know what to look for, you may begin to notice these “bike paths” everywhere. You’ll also notice other, less enlightened walkers plodding along with their earphones in, completely unaware of the world around them. You might even see me dodging off the paved path and into the grass to avoid running them down. So please, before you curse me out for cutting you off as you walk through campus, look down and see if there is a funny yellow line on your sidewalk.