Bad apples in Greek system ruin it for all

I’m a barista at Aroma Café in downtown Champaign. Friday night I had the misfortune of dealing with inconsiderate patrons from an adjacent bar, most (if not all) of whom happened to be members of the Greek community on campus.

The bar held a rather large party that night. During the entire shift, my co-worker and I dealt with people coming in and out using our restrooms because the bar’s restrooms had long lines. We wouldn’t have minded this so much if they were decent about it, however, this was far from the case.

Because there had been similar incidents earlier in the week, my co-worker and I put signs on the doors limiting our restroom use to customers at the café. After doing this, a couple of men from the bar next door decided to make a small purchase at the café in order to use our restrooms. We initially refused them, but after talking to them, we got the impression there wouldn’t be any problems. My co-worker later checked the bathroom to find that these men had urinated all over the restroom floor.

I’m aware that not all members of fraternities (and sororities) behave in such a manner, but incidents such as these certainly don’t help clear up the stereotypes that shroud their community.

If members of the Greek community want to be viewed as respectable individuals, perhaps they had better keep a closer eye on those who undermine their ability to be looked upon as such.

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Austin Ellis

Junior in Engineering