Restaurant provides poor service

On Oct. 21 my boyfriend and I decided to eat at B-Won, a Korean restaurant located on Neil Street in Champaign. My boyfriend, who is an Asian American, had been there twice before, once with his family and another time with his friends. He thought it was good, so I wanted to try it.

After we were seated, we looked over the menus and decided what we were going to get. The people at the tables around us, all Asian, were receiving service. No one came to our table to take our order, or even to give us drinks.

After 10 minutes we were still waiting for someone who would take our order. I made eye contact with the server a few times, but he continued to help the tables around us. A woman at one of the other tables even commented to a worker that we had not been helped. Still, no one came to our table.

My boyfriend told me that when he went there on two previous occasions he had received service immediately and did not understand why we were being ignored.

The last straw came when two people came in (both Asian) and were seated. In less than one minute the server went to their table and gave them drinks and silverware. After seeing this, my boyfriend and I got up to leave, and on the way out I told the server our reason for leaving.

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    The reason why my boyfriend and I were offended is because I am an African American, and our table was the only one not to receive any service. I later called and complained to a manager who seemed unconcerned and rushed me off the phone.

    We went to Flat Top Grill instead. I like going to restaurants where I receive service.

    Tanika Ely

    University alumna

    Former Illini Media Co. employee