Student Senate goes too far on party

I am disgusted at the Illinois Student Senate in its recent actions regarding the stereotype party thrown a few weeks ago, and find them excessive and misdirected. Ever since the extremely offensive Tacos and Tequila party, this campus has been on a red alert for any other such incidents.

Unfortunately, the understanding of racism, discrimination and intolerance has been misconstrued by an over-eager student senator who misunderstood pictures from a party that she knew nothing about, and decided to organize a witch hunt targeting my apparently racist, discriminatory and intolerant acquaintances.

Perhaps I don’t understand the definition of intolerance. But, from what I know intolerance to be (an unwillingness to tolerate contrary opinions), in no way was that party intolerant. Guests were welcome. All outfits were welcome. No one was verbally or physically attacked. And furthermore, the party participants (such as my Germanic Pro-Israel friend Kurt dressed) as the stereotypes they are most commonly grouped in. At worst, one could accuse the party of lacking good taste.

But you know what? The Illinois Student Senate is correct. Let’s ban all costume, stereotype, or otherwise themed parties. Let’s ignore the fact that stereotypes such as Nazis are a part of history. Why accept a part of our heritage (no matter how distasteful it may seem to others) and reconcile with it, when instead we can completely ignore it? After all, we represent this public university. Let’s be held to standards that our own government can’t legally hold us to thanks to First Amendment rights. After all, being a UIUC student must mean my every move matters. Forget drunks puking on Green Street and urinating on our quad. This parody of individual heritage is so much more pertinent to student representation.

Alexandra G. Katzman

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