Of stereotype parties and putrid paperbacks

By Katrina Schuette

As I browsed through the general books section in the upper level of the Illini Union Bookstore, I couldn’t help but glance at an unusual cover on display. Upon reading the title, I was absolutely shocked and appalled at the content of the book, whose title read something along the lines of “The Hillary Clinton Voodoo Kit.” I gasped in horror. How could something this heinous happen at our university? What a crisis! Here is a book blatantly advocating violence against a Democratic front-runner for next year’s elections.

This is atrocious!

Does the University condone the sale of such a hate-mongering book? How could we let a bookstore bearing the name of Illini (and in view of the public eye) sell a book promoting the application of serious physical harm to anyone, let alone a possible U.S. presidential candidate? This is a grave symbol of intolerance! Is this what we want our university to represent to the world? I am of the firm belief that the bookstore must be severely reprimanded and punished for its (clearly) foolish and unthinking decision to sell this book. The book may have been intended as humor, but didn’t the bookstore realize how many people might find it offensive? I demand a serious discussion of this matter where – hosted at the Union and presided over by experts – students can voice their opinions and concerns. This kind of gross, flagrant injustice and intolerance must not be allowed to stand at our beloved university. It cannot happen again.

Luckily, the true mother of all intolerance evils was handled promptly with such true understanding and competence. Wait a second…

Anyone up for a stereotype party?

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    Katrina Schuette

    Freshman in Engineering

    Town hall