Get rid of commercial fliers on campus property

By Matthew Filter

I look around with disgust as I see every bulletin board on campus cluttered with obnoxious LEX or Suburban Express posters. Consider a series of bulletin boards in the Armory, for example, that are covered from top to bottom with 10-plus posters displaying an asinine midget Abraham Lincoln character telling us about cheap bus rides. Last time I checked, these bulletin boards were meant for student organizations and University usage – not advertising space for off-campus private enterprises to place their commercials. These commercial signs across campus cover up student posters with real and important messages to the campus body – posters about equality, AIDS/cancer awareness, Greek life recruitment and political candidates.

What’s next in the classrooms? McDonald’s coupons stapled to the boards? Wal-Mart posters? Photographs suggestively selling Coca-Cola products? It is time to amend the student and University code to keep private enterprise off of student bulletin boards, so our messages are not stifled by off-campus, greedy businesses.