Column: Sorry everyone, I’m taking it easy this week

By Susan Kantor

It’s Dec. 10 and finals week is officially here. Crack open the caffeine so you can make it through those notes from economics you haven’t looked at since September. This week makes the Undergrad Library as crowded as Green Street on a Friday night. There’s still that light at the end of the tunnel: Just six more days until the official beginning of winter break, but these days are perhaps the most stressful of the entire semester.

But not for me this year. This semester, I’m loving finals week.

Before you start to judge because you are facing an absolutely awful week, I endured what was probably the worst five days of my college career last week. I was averaging three hours of sleep each night and threw one all-nighter in there too. Balancing projects, papers and tests while still trying to go to your other classes and work is quite the task. I concluded the week with sleeping for about 18 hours on Friday.

But I don’t think I have ever felt more content handing in that last exam. This week is going to seem like a breeze with only one paper and one final. Finals week is going to be a vacation for me.

Instead of going home as soon as my last final is done, I plan on staying on campus to catch up on the things I have neglected all semester — and I love that I’m going to have the time to do it.

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I will be able to do laundry and clean my apartment. I plan on going to the mall and starting my Christmas shopping. I can cook a meal in my apartment that doesn’t consist of Diet Coke and a granola bar. I’ll be able to call my family members and let them know that, yes, I am still a functioning human being. I’m going to sit on my couch and watch TV. I might be able to get enough sleep to be able to have some holiday cheer. Maybe I shouldn’t be that ambitious.

I love that I have this week to catch up on the things I have been too busy to do all semester, so good luck to all of you who have a stressful week ahead of you. For everyone else – meet me at Brother’s.