Column: Homecoming parade allows floats to use Chief symbol

By Susan Kantor

This story is an example of how one paragraph in an article can become something much larger. The Daily Illini published an article the Tuesday of Homecoming week that was intended to be a simple feature about the parade. But when the reporter asked what was different about this year’s parade compared to last year’s, she was told the Chief Illiniwek symbol would not be allowed in the parade.

I had heard the buzz about this decision all week, but it was not until that Thursday morning when I was in the newsroom at an unexpected time that I saw the media advisory from the administration stating that it had reversed the decision. The daytime assignment editors, who are in charge of breaking news during the day, reported the story. We were able to have a story online as soon as we found out and had a longer story in the Friday paper, the day of the parade.