Vote Green Party in Tuesday’s primary

By Konstantinos Yfantis

Next Tuesday, February 5 Illinois voters will have expanded choice at the polling stations. They can ask for a Green Party primary ballot which includes presidential candidates that have not sold their souls to the Corporation. This set of candidates includes Cynthia McKinney, Kent Mesplay and Howie Hawkins.

I feel lucky to live in a state that has choices as authentic and caring as the ones offered by the Green ballot.

For example, Cynthia McKinney is the first African-American woman to represent Georgia in the House of Representatives.

She is writing history once again by running as a Green candidate seeking the highest public office with a platform that’s truly antiwar, pro-labor and eco-friendly.

In this era of false political prophets we need genuine voices like hers that derive their strength from people’s needs instead of corporate coffers.

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    Hundreds of volunteers worked hard last fall to get these candidates on the ballot in order to provide Illinois voters with better choices for president. Certainly, I will capitalize on this monumental opportunity and pick a Green ballot. I ask you to consider doing so, too.