Political correctness and fraternity party

I do not consider myself a racist person, nor do I consider myself a na’ve person. However, after reading the Daily Illini’s report on the Triangle Fraternity “Compton” themed floor party, I feel the need to comment. I understand and sympathize with racial minorities, but our culture has reached a point where almost any activity can and will be construed as a racial slur. According to Dean Kaamilyah Abdullah-Span, “Many members of the community felt like this was a mockery of that city’s culture. For students who don’t come from that type of situation, to portray themselves in such a way is stereotyping.” But, I say to him, where do we draw the line? At what point is it no longer innocent fun and instead racial stereotyping, and who has the right to decide where that line rests? More specifically, what is the difference between a “Compton” party where students participate in activities commonly associated with that culture and an Arabian Nights themed formal dance – which, to my knowledge, is perfectly acceptable? And why, I ask, do we live in a society where I can receive a failing grade on a political paper in which I decided to use my 500 words to make a point instead of wasting space and typing “he or she,” just to make sure I remain “gender-neutral.” Rather than properly trying to integrate all cultures, America has become so focused on appearing politically correct it has reached the point of absurdity.

AnnaMarie Stone

senior in LAS