Unofficial should be made safer

By Jamie Phillips

I find the recent statements from city and University officials over Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day offensively condescending to the gifted and hardworking students who choose to spend their youth and their money in our otherwise small town.

Dedicating one day a year to boozing with several thousand of your peers has a certain appeal, and a college campus is the safest venue you’ll ever have.

Consider the safety benefits compared to, for example, spring break in Florida:

You’re familiar with the area, you can walk to the bars, you’re with a group of friends, you don’t need anything worth stealing, there are plenty of police around, and most criminals are easy-to-spot non-students.

There are many advantages to running with a herd, and few things deter crime like the prospect of being caught by an angry drunken mob.

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    There is no history of rioting or mass vandalism on campus, so lay off the students and the bar owners and work on making Unofficial the safest college drink-fest it can be.

    That will ensure that our soon-to-be alumni will look back with fond, if hazy, memories of their stay here.