Students should devote less energy to Unofficial

Ah, Unofficial! The creativity, the comraderie and unity.

What a waste!

It saddens me to see so much effort, time and money flushed down the toilet. I know I cannot appeal to you Unofficial goers through a “We should respect authority” argument, because I know you do not respect authority. Let’s face it, that appears to be the primary reason for Unofficial.

I won’t pretend to appeal to you from a moral standpoint. I won’t say drinking is evil. I drink alcohol, so it’d be hypocritical to claim it as inherently evil.

Not many people believe in a singular set of morals and truths, and everything is relative right? “C’mon, Chris!” you say, “I’m sleeping my way through college! There is no truth!” Is that true? That’s something to think about.

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    Instead, I will appeal to your activist attitude about just about everything under the sun. Imagine with me if the amount of time, money and energy we spend on Unofficial was focused on issues of racism, social justice and peace. I know, I’ve seen your anti-war protests and anti-racism protests. But these come and go, fading quickly and becoming a back-burner issue.

    For the past month or so I could not escape the Unofficial debate. The letters home to our parents. The policy put forth by our University concerning visitors from other campuses. How the common student body united claiming an infringment on their freedoms to partake and celebrate.

    This issue of Unofficial will last for years, as will the motivation to either squash it or promote it.

    What would our campus look like if we were as excited about promoting peace and racial and financial equalities as we claim to be or as excited as we are about drinking all day a few weeks before March 14? Worthwhile.

    Chris Orme

    senior in LAS