Unofficially avoiding other problems

A lot of people claim that Unofficial is a threat to the safety of young people, local residents and visitors. In order to stop the madness of Unofficial people are calling for more action and effort from policemen and University officials.

My question is why is there so much focus on this one day where the campus is seemingly ‘unsafe’? What about on those Saturdays during football season when drunken Illini fans are driving home? What about the sexual assaults occurring on campus? I don’t just mean the much publicized assaults; I mean the acquaintance rapes reported almost every week. If this University is so concerned with making our campus safe then why not focus on other problems and not just Unofficial. If UI officials and the police put as much effort into stopping sexual assault on this campus as they did into trying to stop Unofficial, we would have a much safer campus. Police were everywhere on Unofficial handing out tickets and citations for underage drinking, but where are these officers on a regular Friday night making sure students are safe? Police and UI officials are using Unofficial as a scapegoat and avoiding other problems on this campus.