Real solution to conflict in Middle East

By Joshua Hahn

In his letter to the editor on Monday, March 10, David Green’s constant use of polarizing buzz words offers only partisan jargon and no solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Folks like Mr. Green need to start looking toward tomorrow and not yesterday. Israel is a sovereign nation with the right to safety, security and the ability to defend itself. Israel exists today and will tomorrow. The Palestinian nation is in serious turmoil and in dire need of safety, security and the hope of prosperity. The fact is, destructive and malicious language like Mr. Green’s only inhibits this very reality for the Palestinian people.

I suggest Palestinian advocates in the mold of Mr. Green reconsider their underlying motives and form new conclusions regarding the conflict. Pro-Palestinian should not automatically be aligned with vengeful and spiteful rhetoric and rationale. Peace is tangible and can be had. Look no further than Egypt and Jordan. Yet, the move toward peace needs to be proactive. Denunciation of Israel’s existence, the acceptance of terrorist attacks specifically targeting civilians, a lack of government provided social services, an anti-Semitic curriculum in Palestinian schools and support of Hamas as a legitimate governing entity are surely more self-destructive to the Palestinian cause than they are helpful.

Agent of peace and former Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin once stated, “Military cemeteries in every corner of the world are silent testimony to the failure of national leaders to sanctify human life.”

This sense of humility and appreciation of life provide the very foundation to create peace. There is no room for suicide attacks, terrorist bombings and anti-Semitic oratory in the process for peace. So the question is, will folks like Mr. Green be partners for peace with Israel or perpetuate the already stark existence for the Palestinian people?

Joshua Hahn

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