Can someone tell me what qualifies Obama to be President?

Everywhere I turn I see pro-Obama ads, whether it be TV, radio, or print. Every time I see one of these I wonder, “What exactly has he done that makes him so great?”

If I ask an Obama supporter they tell me he has opposed the Iraq War, supports comprehensive health care, and will change Washington. But that does not answer my question. It tells me what he stands for, but not what he has done to prove himself worthy of the Presidency. Sure, he made a speech opposing the invasion of Iraq, but he was still in the Illinois State Senate at that time. Not to mention, since joining the U.S. Congress he has voted to increase military funding, which would indicate that he supports the war.

Remaining on the issue of his voting record, he has repeatedly voted ‘present’ on major issues to avoid being pinned to any particular stance. We cannot ascertain what this man really intends by his record.

Then there is his connection to Reverends Wright and Meaks and Tony Rezko. This does not sound like anything new, he seems like any other corrupt politician who is in the pocket of private interests.

What worries me about Reverend Wright is not his inflammatory rhetoric, but one of the Trinity United Church of Christ’s visions; I quote from their Web site, “A congregation working towards ECONOMIC PARITY.” Economic parity is just socialism reworded.

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    As a staunch conservative and a proponent of laissez faire capitalism, I cannot trust a candidate who attended a Church preaching socialism for two decades.

    To quote the late Barry Goldwater, “Every man, for his individual good and for the good of his society, is responsible for his own development.”

    Jacob Hollars

    freshman in LAS