Global Campus: Global disaster

By Frank Calabrese

President White’s expedition into the turbulent waters of cyber learning has proved to be foolish at best. After $3 million, lots of hot air and a long battle with the University Faculty-Student Senate, President White has gathered 10 (yes, 10) students into the “global” campus. Neighborhood Campus might be more fitting of a name. Why is the University of Illinois, a prestigious world-renowned university, competing with the University of Phoenix, which does not even deserve the title of “University”? Cornell and New York University failed miserably when they attempted quality cyber learning. Why do we think we can do much better?

The reality of the situation is that President White wanted to make a quick buck from cyber learning. The original intention of the program was a low-standards, high enrollment system to maximize profit. Then the University Faculty-Student Senate rightly stepped in to enforce academic standards and prevent a system with TAs grading thousands of Online students in a sweat-shop-like setting. The end result: a program with no purpose.

President White, please tell the University, why is Global Campus worth the time and energy?

Frank Calabrese

University Faculty-Student Senate

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