Moms have different roles in college

By Stephanie Gomes

Growing up, children depend on their moms for home-cooked meals, clean laundry, words of encouragement and so much more. But times change, and in college, laundry begins to pile up, dust builds on surfaces and there is no longer a shoulder to cry on when things go wrong.

As freshmen, students are on their own and forced to take care of themselves. While some moms choose to be more laid back when their children are at school, others still try to find ways to be involved in their students’ lives.

Laura Klein, freshman in LAS, said she is still very close with her mother.

“I talk with my mom about every day,” Klein said. “I call her a lot when I’m walking to class just to catch up.”

Along with staying in touch by phone, Klein said her mom is the gift-giving type and sends care packages to the dorms for her and friends.

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“My mom makes the best poppy seed rolls in the world,” she said. “The girls on my floor know them well.”

Klein said she is in the process of deciding where to take her mom during the weekend, but knows she wants to spend quality time with her.

Kyle Rasmussen, junior in Engineering, said he is not celebrating Mom’s Weekend due to academic priorities.

“(My parents) don’t really like the drive down. Plus, they know I use the weekend to catch up on my studying,” he said. Rasmussen added that to his mom, grades and studying come first.

Rasmussen said he talks with his mom about once a week and laughed when asked if his mom would be the type that would go to the bars with him.

“My mom is not the type to go out,” he said. “I like to see the other moms out, though.”

Dave Kaczmarski’s mom might be one of the moms enjoying Champaign’s nightlife this weekend. Kaczmarski, senior in LAS, said he is pretty close with his laid-back mom and he talks with her about five times a week.

He said his mom and some of his aunts are coming to the University for the weekend.

“They like to roll with a huge crowd,” he said.

The first thing on the agenda is the school musical — a four-year tradition – followed by drinks at his apartment or at a bar on campus, he said.

“She’s a blast to drink with,” he said. “Last year, she was making shots in our blender.”

Susie Murphy, sophomore in LAS and member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, said she will be celebrating Mom’s Weekend, too. She said her mom is very supportive of her, and they have a close relationship.

On both Friday and Saturday night, her sorority is performing “Atius-Sachem” at Follinger Auditorium, a skit night with other sororities and fraternities.

Murphy said after the performance she and her mom are going out to eat and possibly out with friends.

“It’s going to be really fun,” she said. “She’s so excited.”