Bad experience at local event

On April 1, David Makovsky, a Zionist think-tanker, gave a half-hour public talk at Campus Hillel, which consisted of twisted invective against Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims, and self-promoting insider politics. He then entertained four non-controversial questions, responding to each with a rambling 10-minute answer. He decided to end after an hour and fifteen minutes of what had been announced as a two-hour event. There was no moderator to promote fair audience participation or civil discourse.

At that point, I interjected an alternative perspective regarding Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation. My comments were substantive and not personal.

I was immediately shouted down, told to shut up and told to leave by several members of the local Zionist element, including professors Fred Gottheil and Ehud Yairi.

A physical altercation subsequent to this event, not initiated by me, led to a visit to my house later that evening from a police officer, telling me that I was henceforth banned from Hillel.

I was not aware that Hillel is a private residence owned by the Zionist element whose right is to determine who can speak and who must leave. I was not aware that Jewish perspectives are limited to those that support Zionist militarism, racism, occupation and apartheid. I am, however, aware that local institutional Jewish leadership of all types has facilitated an atmosphere of arrogance and condescension in response to opponents of Zionist bigotry.

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    They are ultimately responsible for the repressive and intimidating atmosphere that pervades and corrupts the local Jewish community.

    David Green

    Academic Professional