Board should pass 2nd Amendment resolution

By Gene Martin

As of this writing, since April 4, 2007, every five days another county board in the state of Illinois has passed the 2nd Amendment Resolution.

Every day since April 4, 2007, another 7,003 people in Illinois have been represented by their county boards as saying, “Enough is enough! We do not want our rights as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment denied any longer!”

Seventy-four county boards of the 102 in Illinois have told the legislators representing them that they are NOT represented by Cook County area legislators, and that they resent the constant attempt to impose completely ineffective Chicago/Cook County gun control laws upon them! “Enough is enough!”

The Champaign County Board has chosen not to be a part of this tremendous grassroots movement, claiming it is not a county issue … or at least that’s what two board members claim, and those two happen to be two of the three on the recently created no-name subcommittee that determines what resolutions go before the Policy Committee, who votes on what is placed on the full Board agenda!

Why doesn’t the full Board have the opportunity to represent the citizens of Champaign County? Ahhh, politics!

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