More choice in election is always welcome

I am excited to learn that Frank Calabrese is a candidate for state representative in District 103.

A pluralistic democracy should provide voters with choices at the ballot.

It is good for democracy to have multiple candidates and diverse political formations to choose from.

Thus, I am grateful that Mr. Calabrese decided to invest his time and energy to provide the citizens of our district with more choice.

His candidacy means that incumbent State Rep. Naomi Jakobsson will face competition and will be challenged for her disappointing record at the debates.

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    In an interview with the Daily Illini, Mrs. Jakobsson claimed condescendingly that the only thing she knew about Mr. Calabrese is that “he is certainly a young man.”

    Based on a couple discussions I have had with Mr. Calabrese, I can assure your readers that he is equipped with one of the essential skills for effective public servants: the ability to articulate policy positions and support them with sound arguments.

    Mrs. Jakobsson has suffered so many setbacks in her projects that many voters have lost their faith in her ability to be an effective advocate for our district in Springfield.

    The lower number of votes that she received in 2006 compared to 2004 reflects this decline in trust.

    Now more than ever, the voters of district 103 are thirsty for an alternative choice and will await eagerly to learn more about Mr. Calabrese’s ideas and platform.

    I wish him good luck and I congratulate him for his willingness to serve the people of our district.

    Kostas Yfantis

    Green Party Candidate for Champaign County Board