Action needed on recall bill amendment

By Dan Cronin

Recently a proposed amendment to the Illinois Constitution that would allow voters to petition for the recall of Constitutional officers and legislators was considered during an April 16 Senate committee hearing.

House Joint Resolution Committee Amendment 28 has received significant support from both Republican and Democrat lawmakers, and the Illinois public. The legislation was recently approved by House lawmakers; however, despite widespread interest in recall, the measure’s Senate sponsor Senator Donne Trotter, D-Chicago, has refused to allow the amendment to be considered by the Senate body.

I am discouraged that this amendment has not been allowed to be heard. In Illinois, state government has lost the voters’ faith, confidence and trust, due in large part to the highly-publicized misdeeds of Governor R. Blagojevich and his administration.

Some lawmakers may prefer to sit in their proverbial ivory towers and debate the merits and faults of the legislation, but I believe that Illinois is in crisis, and that tough times call for tough solutions. Action would be needed on the amendment before a May 4 deadline in order for the issue to be included on the November ballot.

We can really and truly change the conduct of state government. Recall is good government – it is an idea that’s time has come in Illinois.

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