Men’s Center letter offensive

By Steve Holland

I was once a skeptic too. I’ve argued for hours trying to explain that a Women’s Center is not necessary on campus for reasons such as lack of funding and a lack of physical space. But now, I clearly see the need for a Women’s Center on campus. Surprisingly, I did not come to this realization because I have a best friend deeply involved in the UIUC Women’s Center movement but because of the surprising ignorance of some of my male colleagues.

A recent letter to the editor by one of my fellow males belittled the idea of a place for women (and men) to discuss issues that deeply affect our female population here at the University by saying that a Men’s Center is needed to “eat the food the women are cooking next door in their center.” Not only is this deeply offensive but it is ridiculously misinformed.

A Women’s Center will serve as a safe hub for all to discuss and analyze the male dominated society and its many implications, in addition to the issues that women face every day. I am safely sheltered against some of these challenges because of my sex, but I would like to invite the writer, as well as all of my fellow men, to join me in trying to understand these issues when we get the Women’s Center opened.

Steve Holland

Junior in Industrial Engineering

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