COLUMN: Four years can’t fit all the fun of college

By Brittany Abeijon

I have a seriously bad case of senioritis – but I’m not graduating. Yet.

Although those of you who are graduating will say that I’m lucky to not have to enter the real world yet, I have to disagree.

Of course when you alumni have to start work every morning at 8, and you can’t go to any more bomb nights, you’ll be the jealous ones.

But with most of my friends gone working 9-5 jobs, there will be few who will accompany me to Brothers every Tuesday … and Thursday and Friday.

Who will I call when I wake up Friday morning with a hangover to recall shenanigans from the night before?

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Just thinking about the word “super senior” gives me goose bumps. It sounds so tacky.

Next semester, college will not be the same without the friends I have made in the last four years.

A good friend once told me that every semester of college would be different, but as a freshman I didn’t want to believe this. I had a solid group of friends and I didn’t want anything to change.

But my friend was right. Every semester was different.

When I was a freshman, I thought it was completely normal to travel nine blocks to a party, drink $10 handles of liquor and fall off the top bunk in the dorms.

Although I still value cheap booze, I now live 30 steps away from my work, 60 steps away from Brothers and I think a walk to Greg Hall is too far.

I came to college as an actuarial science major simply because I heard it made a lot of money, but after one semester of calculus I switched my major and that was the best thing I ever did. I became an English major, but it took me awhile to realize literature wasn’t my calling either.

I switched for the third time into journalism and that truly was the best thing I ever did and also my reason for having to stay the extra semester.

I had the chance to see the Illini go to the NCAA championship in basketball in 2005 and to the Rose Bowl this past January. I had the chance to spring break in Mexico my junior year, I got to visit magazine moguls in New York City my senior year, and I had the time of my life doing it all.

But just as my friend had warned me, every semester was different.

I never joined a sorority and I don’t regret it. After a fair share of fraternity parties, I’d honestly rather have joined a frat.

So after four years, here’s my advice: Take risks, take classes like home gardening or ice skating and have no regrets.

I have learned so many things in the last four years, like never take Economics 102 with a certain professor (cluck).

I learned that I am truly not a math person, and I will never again put my cell phone in my back pocket. Nor will I ever accompany my roommates while they pee in the alley behind Kam’s.

Another thing I’ve learned is that it seems impossible for me to have no class on Fridays.

I’m totally jealous of all you Business majors who go to after hours Thursday nights when I have to wake up on Friday to attend a discussion. That said, this semester I decided to take matters into my own hands, and even though I had a political science discussion section Friday morning, I took a personal day every Friday except two.

Clearly this is senioritis at its best, but I have no regrets.

Four years down, and three classes to go.