Gifts of all kinds preseve memories

By Nicola Crean

As the semester’s end approaches, it comes time for the University’s graduates to move on into the real world. Graduation is a time to celebrate accomplishments, reminisce with old friends, and most of all for some, receive gifts.

T.I.S.Bookstore has found a variety of alumni and graduation memorabilia sell well each year.

Graduation frames, alumni t-shirts, mugs, license plate frames and alumni car window stickers are just a few items that usually prove to be quite popular among customers, said Jon Tichenor, store manager.

“Many (families) will come in to buy a frame and leave with a handful of Illinois merchandise as well. I think they view it as their last opportunity to stock up on Illini stuff before they head out of town to the next stage,” Tichenor said.

Stefanie Acevedo, junior in LAS, has decided that creating her own gift would be a much more sentimental route to take.

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    “I have made scrapbooks for gifts in the past, and they have been a big hit. It is an inexpensive way to give someone a more personalized gift,” said Acevedo. “It is something that they can always have to look back on and remember experiences in college.”

    There are several stores in the Champaign area that specialize in scrap booking and have all the necessary supplies. Acevedo plans to do a collaboration of all four years of school, while using as many pictures as possible.

    Going beyond the typical graduation gift, Kristen Schramm, junior in ACES, has decided to purchase baseball tickets for the summer as a way to get everyone together.

    “All the girls graduating live far from each other so we decided meeting for a game in St. Louis, which is kind of a central location, would be a great way to see each other and catch up. I decided that getting a hotel and limo to the game was the way to go,” Schramm said. If all else fails and ideas run out, money and a card is always a timeless gift.

    “My parents and family have been asking me what they should get me for graduation,” said Jim Rosko, senior in LAS. “All I really want is cash because I am saving up for things like furniture and appliances for my new apartment.”