Men’s Center letter unhelpful

By Caleb Curtiss

I’m a little unsure as to why the DI would publish the brazen hyperbole that was Monday’s “Men’s Center” letter.

This kind of inflammatory sentiment in no way represents a reasonable position in the conversation surrounding whether or not to establish a Women’s Center. UIUC students, faculty and staff are ready for an honest discourse on this issue, and everyone deserves to have their voice heard. Instead of wasting energy on the generation of unneeded excitement, what’s stopping us from looking honestly at the issues being discussed and expressing ourselves respectfully? I, for one, do not believe that the prospect of a Women’s Center represents a zero-sum game as it is in everyone’s interest to provide adequate support to UIUC students. Domestic abuse, sexual assault and gender denigration are facts of life on our campus. These things benefit nobody; therefore, it is in the interest of everybody to put a stop to them.