A start to fixing the tuition problem

With the rise of tuition becoming an increasing concern at this university it is clear that the university needs to start thinking about cutting certain expenses in order to keep tuition down and maintain the quality of education.

Therefore I have come up with a short list of 10 things that can be cut or done in order to help lower tuition at this institution:

1. The Quad Cam, did the university actually pay for this? Do they pay to maintain this? Does anyone really care if we lose this?

2. Do not re-elect Blagojevich, I think this is a no brainer

3. Allow more students into the university, more students means more money, duh

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4. Quit spending money on expensive and ridiculous projects, i.e. assembly hall renovations, and instead put that towards Lincoln hall or Gregory Hall renovations

5. Ad Revenue: the next time I walk down the quad I want to see billboards for Coca-Cola and Nike all over the place

6. Can we sell or rent out Mumford house? There is money to be made in real estate, maybe not now but the market will bounce back

7. Stop handing out ugly T-shirts at convocation. I remember the ugly T-shirt I got back when I was a freshman, and oh boy do I wear it everyday.

8. Allow students the option of which of the many and random fees they would like to pay. I know there is a refund, but the information on that is so vague that most students just ignore it. With my plan we can save the students money right away

9. Do not offer book buybacks at the Illini Union bookstore, let the privately own bookstores like T.I.S. and Folletts take the hit

10. Learn from the homeless and collect cans and bottles, the University can take these and sell them for 5 cents a piece which will turn into $1 million

By doing these ten things tuition rates at this university are sure to drop in no time.

Joseph Mowery

Senior in LAS