Science has not disproved religion

In his column, “Science, Religion and New Internationalism,” Othman O’Malley contends that modern science and rational thought has liberated humanity from the false and destructive ideologies of religion. In doing so, Mr. O’Malley has committed a common mistake; assuming that science has disproved religion. It is not only untrue but impossible for science to disprove religion as they operate in two entirely different and distinct spheres. The problem that typically occurs is when religion makes unnecessary divine associations with old science and then clings desperately to them as a matter of faith.

Science’s role is to describe, categorize and articulate the natural world; that is, the world presented to our senses or subject to reasonable inference based on those senses.

Religion, on the other hand, is the stuff of the soul. It teaches us how to live with each other as not merely social, but spiritual beings and directs our reverent attention to the splendor of God. Moreover, religion gives to humankind something which no scientific breakthrough or Hobbesian social contract ever could; a source of purpose and hope; a knowledge that existence does not end in death and a firm expectation that ultimately all injustices will be redressed and that redemption will be brought to the afflicted.

Thankfully, this comforting and inspiring world view is more than simply a security blanket which the irrational or uneducated cling to. It is a substantial, defensible, believable and logical system capable of satisfying both the most rational mind and the most hopeful heart. While space limitations deny sufficient treatment of the theist case, suffice it to say that atheism is by no means the consensus of the real scientific community and that the curious can find legitimate theistic scientists (Francis Collins, etc.).

Jay Geyer

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