COLUMN: Aspects to LGBT story are plentiful

By Stephanie Benhart

Favorite story written this semester:

The story about hate crime because it is an important issue.

Best interview I did:

Any time I called Martin McFarlane, acting associate director for International Student and Scholar Services, I was able to get a lot of information, and he was very helpful.

The priceless quote that will hang on my wall:

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    “It’s better than eating chips and cookies.” This, combined with his accent and serious tone, made it so much funnier.

    The story I was most passionate about:

    I really wanted the story about the hate crime toward the LGBT community to turn out great. There were so many aspects of the story that could be covered, and I wanted to make sure I had them all.

    If I could do one story over again:

    I wish this story … I wish the Barr Real Estate story would have had more depth. The story was hurt when Barr said they couldn’t comment, after trying to get them to talk for more than two weeks.

    Moment that I loved my job:

    Seeing other students in class reading my article and discussing the story. I felt like I really helped get information out to people.

    Moment that I hated my job:

    There was a time when all the original angles on my stories were changing after they were finished, so I had to investigate further.

    The story I would cover tomorrow:

    I really want to go further with the story about international students’ interaction with American students.

    I would love to investigate (this person’s) life further:

    I would love to find out more about Sue Wood, the chimesmaster for the Altgeld bells. She was so nice and very helpful, and she’s been playing the chimes for more than 30 years.

    What I’m looking forward to covering in the fall:

    Different events or conventions hosted by groups on campus for minority affairs. I might also like to take more in-depth looks at minorities whose voices aren’t heard as often.